Welcome to the Spring 2016 Semester!

To better facilitate vigorous classroom discussions, your philosophy faculty will employ the following philosophy referee hand signals this semester:

Philosophy Referee Hand Signals

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Ah, I always thought it was my pickup lines the ladies were unimpressed with. Looking at these it turns out it was my unilluminating appeals to skepticism. 


Or it could be you are asking

Or it could be you are asking the wrong people, or approaching them incorrectly (at the wrong times or in the wrong contexts).  You seem like a nice smart person.  It has been my experience that most people don't like to think too hard.  Maybe its not that your comments are unilluminating or appeal too much to skepticism, could it perhaps be that they are incomprehensible to your interlocutor?  Rather than blaming yourself, it may simply be the case that your standards for your interlocutor are too high or that you must make compromises to them in order to be successful.  

By the way, most of the time romantic relationships are filled with vapid sentimentalism, discussions about how you feel, and questions regarding where you think the relationship is going (which are all utterly and completely disgusting, extremely mawkish), or small talk and conflict that is not about ideas/concepts/theories (which are a complete waste of time).  Basically, most romantic relationships are hell and are far more trouble than they are worth.  


What's the hand signal for

What's the hand signal for responding seriously to a joke?


I take everything literally,

I take everything literally, I am sorry.  As someone with asperger's, it will always be that way unless the person tells me different (so I guess you can make one up, just let me know so when I see it I will understand).  


Well thank you for the

Well thank you for the thoughtful advice anyway lol. 


That was not advice.  Its my

That was not advice.  Its my belief based on my empirical experiences.   I added it because it seemed that your comment was wistful.  I just don't think you should feel that way, if it wasn't the case that legally and financially marriage is in my best interest, I would never do something so stupid.  


By the way, I forgot to

By the way, I forgot to include handsome and talented earlier. I'm very sorry.